Cryptocurrency Course by Belal Miah

Cryptocurrency Course

A step-by-step course for anyone new to bitcoin and blockchain technology. Includes access to Cryptovator's list of awesome cryptos to HODL.

Here's How I'm Securing My Future Wealth With Crypto

While the crypto market goes through a dip, and many people are thinking it's the end of crypto, it's actually an awesome opportunity in my opinion. A lot of great blockchain projects to learn about, and bitcoin is going through a correction. 
With a possible bitcoin ETF in 2019, and a possible bull run towards the bitcoin halving in 2020, it's a good time to start learning about bitcoin and blockchain technology.
Don't learn to get rich in 24 hours. That won't happen. Learn out of curiosity. What you will discover will no doubt facsinate you. This isn't a sales letter. This me telling you how it is. Learn about bitcoin and this revolutionary technology, or be left behind. 
The internet is broken, and so is the banking system. Blockchain is about to disrupt both. A new decentralized internet and a decentralized financial system is about to be born. 
I'm securing my future wealth by learning about the blockchain projects that will survive the dip and disrupt the existing system. I'm invested for the long term. Look forward to seeing you on the other side.


Get access to my exclusive list of top cryptos to have in your portfolio. Cryptos get added to this list after hours of research into the project.

What's included?

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Topics Covered...

Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain
Course Introduction
History of Money
What is a Cryptocurrency?
What is Bitcoin?
What does a bitcoin look like?
Unit of bitcoin
Satoshi Nakamoto
History of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Value
Price Volatility
Blockchain Technology
Crypto Glossary
Understanding Mining Of Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Mining
Mining difficulty
Proof of Work
Proof of Stake
Mining Pool
Block Reward
Eco-friendly Mining
Owning Your Own Cryptocurrencies
Avoiding Scams
Buying Cryptocurrencies
Sending and Recieving Cryptocurrencies
Storing Cryptocurrencies
Accepting Cryptocurrencies
Spending Cryptocurrencies
Selling Cryptocurrencies
Crypto Community
Top Altcoins
What is an ICO?
Researching an ICO
Sending ETH to ICOs
Smart Contracts
MyEtherWallet (MEW) Setup
MetaMask Setup
Units of Ether - Gas and Gwei
Adding Custom Token to MEW
Decentralized Applications (DApps)
Trading Your Cryptocurrencies
Introduction to Trading
Trading Mindset
Bitcoin and Altcoin Relationship
Technical Analysis
Trends, Support, and Resistance Levels
Japanese Candlesticks
Moving Average
Bullish and Bearish Pennants
Bollinger Bands
Trade on Binance
Trading Using the Binance App
Pumps and Dumps
Fundemental Analysis
Market Psychology
TA on Twitter
Trading Resources
Trading Terms
Bittrex Exchange
Market Depth
Connect to Coinigy
How To Earn Cryptocurrencies
Cloud Mining
What is Elastos?
Portfolio Management
Crypto News
YouTube Channels
Ethereum News
Masternode Resources
How to sell the course and make money

Where The Hustle Begins

The courses have been developed and delivered by Belal Miah, a Certified Bitcoin Professional, social media influencer on Blockchain, and qualified trainer.